All Saints Anglican Church on Erub (Darnley Island)

All Saints Anglican Church on Erub is closely associated with this history. As an Anglican place of worship, the church stands as a testament to the island’s Christian heritage, stemming from the arrival of those missionaries in the 19th century. It serves as both a spiritual hub and a historical monument to the transformational events of the past.

The church is a vital part of the community on Erub, reflecting the strong Christian faith that many Torres Strait Islander people hold, a faith that has been synthesized with traditional beliefs and customs to create a unique religious and cultural identity.

Erub (Darnley Island) is one of the easternmost islands in the Torres Strait and is part of the Torres Strait Island Region of Queensland, Australia. Erub is historically significant for Indigenous Australians, particularly for the Torres Strait Islander people, because of the events related to the “Coming of the Light.”

The “Coming of the Light” refers to the arrival of the London Missionary Society missionaries on Erub Island on 1 July 1871. They were welcomed in peace by the island’s residents, leading to the widespread adoption of Christianity throughout the Torres Strait Islands. This event holds deep spiritual and historical significance for Torres Strait Islander people and is celebrated annually as the “Coming of the Light” festival.