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Hera is a prominent figure in Greek mythology, where she is known as the queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and family.

Hera’s Parentage

This Greek deity was viewed as the daughter of Cronus (Saturn in Roman mythology) and Rhea, making her one of the six original Olympian gods and goddesses.

Marriage to Zeus

Hera is best known for her marriage to her brother, Zeus (Jupiter in Roman mythology), the king of the gods. Their union symbolizes the sacred institution of marriage in Greek culture.

Queen of the Gods

As the wife of Zeus, Hera holds the title of queen of the gods and is often depicted as a regal and authoritative figure. She resides on Mount Olympus alongside the other Olympian deities.


Hera is commonly associated with the peacock, which is considered her sacred animal. She is often depicted wearing a crown or diadem and holding a scepter, symbols of her royal status and authority.

Hera’s Children

Hera and Zeus had several children together, including Ares (the god of war), Hephaestus (the blacksmith god), and Hebe (the goddess of youth). However, some versions of mythology suggest that these children were born without Hera’s involvement, as she was jealous of Zeus’s affairs and sought to maintain her own virginity.

Jealousy and Wrath

Hera is notorious for her jealousy and vengeful nature, particularly when it comes to Zeus’s numerous extramarital affairs and the children born from these liaisons. She often targeted Zeus’s mistresses and their offspring with anger and punishment.

Role in Mythology

Owing to her preeminent role as queen of the Greek gods, Hera appears in various myths, often in roles that reflect her status as the goddess of marriage and family. She played a part in the stories of heroes like Hercules (Heracles) and Jason, and she figures prominently in the mythological tales of the Trojan War.


In addition to the peacock, her symbols include the pomegranate, cow, and cuckoo. These symbols are associated with her roles as a fertility goddess and protector of marriage.

Cult and Worship

Hera had temples and sanctuaries dedicated to her throughout the ancient Greek world. Her worship was particularly significant in regions where marriage and family life were highly valued.


Hera’s character has left a lasting impact on Western literature and culture. She is often portrayed as a formidable and sometimes stern figure, embodying the ideals and challenges of marriage and family life.

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