Aphrodite and the chariot of Erotes

Chariot of Erotes

Aphrodite and Chariot of Erotes

The Greco-Roman mosaic from Thuburbo Majus c. 4th A.D. in the Bardo National Museum (located in Le Bardo, Tunis, Tunisia) depicts Greek goddess Aphrodite standing in a chariot drawn by four Erotes (Himeros, Eros, Pothos, and Anteros). The goddess of love holds a scepter in one hand and a dove in the other, while the Erotes fly around her, holding objects such as torches and wreaths. The mosaic is a testament to the enduring popularity of Aphrodite and the Erotes in ancient Roman and Greek culture, as well as the skill of the mosaic artists who created such intricate and detailed works of art.