President Donald Trump’s Family History

Family History of Donald Trump

Family History of Donald Trump

Depending on what angle you look things from, former President Trump is poised to go down in American political history as one of the country’s most popular presidents. Trump is famous for many right and wrong reasons; First of all, he was already a highly influential figure before he joined politics and achieved a surprising victory in the 2016 US presidential election.

Upon his swearing in as the 45th President of the United State, Donald J. Trump became an even more popular figure, a household name in the global space; but how much do you know about the New York business magnate and his family lines? According to his own speeches, Trump has admitted that his business career was facilitated by a $ 1 million loan he took from his late dad Fred Trump. It’s a well-known fact that Trump’s upbringing in a wealthy business family facilitated his meteoric rise to the limelight and to wealth.

Below, we zoom into Donald Trump’s family history.

Trump’s Family History

Born on June 14, 1946, Donald J. Trump sits at the White House as America’s 45th President. He is now enjoying the fruits of his business labor, without which he most likely wouldn’t have been the powerful gentleman he is today.

Grandfather Friedrich Trump

Donald Trump's grandfather

Donald Trump’s grandfather – Friedrich Trump

In learning more about Trump’s family history, you may have to bear with the hard truth that his grandparents were immigrants. To start with the Trump story, his grandfather Friedrich Trump emigrated to the US in 1885, to settle in New York City. On October 17 that year, hundreds of German immigrants boarding a steamship and made it to New York port.

Among the immigrants was a skinny teenager named Friedrich Trump. Historians state that: Trump’s would-be grandfather virtually entered into the United States with nothing, except his travel suitcase. Even though Friedrich couldn’t speak English, his arrival laid a solid foundation for the future Trumps.

Donald Trump’s Grandmother, Elizabeth Chris Trump

Donald Trump's Grandmother

Donald Trump’s Grandmother – Elizabeth Christ Trump

Donald Trump’s grandma (Elizabeth) was also a German-American. When Friedrich Trump made fortunes in the US, he returned to Germany and found Elizabeth Chris as a marriage partner. They tied the knot in 1902. The couple then moved in together to New York.

Their marriage brought forth Donald Trump’s father (Fred Trump), John Trump, and Elizabeth Trump. A 20-year gap exist between the initial arrival of Friedrich Trump and the birth of Frederick  Chris Trump.

After the birth of their third child (John), Donald Trump’s grandparents moved to Queens and ventured into real estate business. Friedrich made enough money before his untimely death in 1918. Elizabeth worked hard to sustain the family’s growing real estates; she founded the E. Trump & Son  company. Her children would go on to keep the family’s business tradition.

Donald Trump’s Father, Fred Trump

Trump's Father

Donald Trump’s Father – Fred Trump

Fred Trump’s birth happened in 1905, in Bronx, New York City. During his mother’s lifetime, he worked with her to develop their business ventures. By 1927, Fred Trump managed several houses owned by his family. His net worth grew higher; he became a millionaire when he managed the barracks and apartments of some US Navy workers.

In 1936, Fred Trump took Mary Anne MacLeod to the altar. By June 1999, his wealth was estimated to stand around $250 – $300 million. Having multiplied his wealth gained from inheritance, Fred Trump passed away in 1999 at 93 years old.

Donald Trump’s Mother, Mary Trump

Trump's mother

Trump’s mother – Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

An interesting pattern would  be learned here. Mary Trump was an immigrant; in 1912, she was born in Scotland into a poor family.

Mary escaped poverty in Scotland and entered into the United States in 1930. Wealth rained on her when she married the rich Fred Trump. Since then, her life story moved from rags to riches. Mary Trump and her husband gave birth to 5 children; Maryanne Trump, Donald John Trump, Robert Trump, Elizabeth Trump Grau, and Fred Trump Jr.

Donald Trump’s elder brother was Fred Trump Jr. Unfortunately, Fred passed away in 1981 as a result of alcoholism — he was only 43 years-old. Learning from the alcohol-related death of his brother, Donald Trump vowed to stay away from negative lifestyles such as drinking and smoking.

The rest of Donald Trump’s siblings are still alive and kicking (as at December 1, 2019). Maryanne (Donald’s elder sister) is a retired federal judge. Robert and Elizabeth served as business executives; while Robert was into real estate, Elizabeth delved into banking. Trump’s mother died in the year 2000; she was aged 88.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

45th President of the United States

45th President of the United States – Donald J. Trump

After more than a century since the arrival of his grandfather from Germany, Donald John Trump made a mark in the Trump family by becoming America’s 45th president. He thrived in the sound and enabling environment that was established by his immigrant grandfather Friedrich Trump.

Donald J. Trump not only became the president; he was also a world leader whose voice travelled across the length and breadth of the globe. Trump views himself as a hero and a business genius who was able to multiply millions of inherited dollars into billions of dollars. He is the owner of the business conglomerate “Trump Organization” — a company that was initially known as E. Trump & Son when his grandparents founded it.

Trump is married to First Lady Melania Trump; she is a Slovenia-born fashion model who obtained American citizenship in 2006 after marrying Donald Trump in 2005. Melania and former President Trump have a son named Barron. Barron was born in 2006.

Donald J. Trump's Children

Family History of Donald Trump | Donald J. Trump’s Children – From top left to bottom right – Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron.

Trump’s earlier marriage to two other women (Ivana Zelníčková and Marla Maples) ended up in divorce. Ivana birthed 3 children with Donald Trump — they are Eric, Donald Jr, and Ivanka Trump. With Marla, Trump gave birth to Tiffany. In all, his children sum up to 5.

Family History of Donald Trump and the Immigration Story

Judging from the former president’s family history discussed above, there is enough evidence showing that he is the product of immigration and the American Dream. But has the president accepted his immigrant origins with open arms? Not exactly! During his presidency, Trump maintained a zero tolerance for illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, his grandparents were big time illegal immigrants, his own mother was an immigrant, his wife (Melania) is also an immigrant. In his defense, one could say that former President Donald Trump is a big advocate of legal immigration.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump has on many occasions denied tracing his grandfather’s roots to Germany. He would argue that his grandfather rather came from Scandinavia. But since Trump appears to be good at causing controversies, a number of his supporters hold on to every word that he says. At other times, Donald Trump was caught boasting about his German roots.

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