Flag of the Ashanti Kingdom

The flag of the Ashanti Kingdom (located in present-day Ghana, West Africa) proudly displaying the sacred Golden Stool. Also known as Sika Dwa Kofi, the sacred Golden Stool of the Ashanti people symbolizes power, royalty, and sovereignty.

Important facts about Ashanti Kingdom flag

It’s important to note that the Ashanti Kingdom does not have an official flag in the same way that modern nation-states do. The Ashanti people primarily use traditional symbols and emblems to represent their kingdom and culture. These symbols are often displayed on clothing, textiles, and other cultural artifacts. These designs are often used in cultural events, ceremonies, and representations of the Ashanti people.

One of the most recognizable symbols associated with the Ashanti Kingdom is the Golden Stool, also known as Sika ‘dwa. The Golden Stool is a sacred and revered object that represents the unity and power of the Ashanti people. It is believed that the stool holds the souls of the Ashanti ancestors.

One commonly seen design features horizontal stripes of the colors gold, black, and green. The yellow stripe symbolizes the wealth and riches of the kingdom, the black stripe evokes the spirit and fortitude of the Ashanti people, including their ancestors, and the green stripe represents the fertility of the land.