Gold coin of Eucratides I

Eucratides I was a Greco-Bactrian king who ruled from around 171 BC to 145 BC. He is known for his military campaigns in the east and on the Indian subcontinent, and for making Ai Khanum the capital city of his kingdom.

Gold coins were minted during his reign, which were a symbol of the city’s wealth and prosperity. One such coin, known as a stater, has been found at Ai Khanum. The coin shows the Greco-Bactrian king wearing a diadem and a crested helmet, and holding a spear. On the reverse side of the coin, the Dioscuri can be seen riding, with each holding palm in left hand, spear in right hand.

It is estimated to have been minted sometime between 170 BC and 145 BC. The coin is considered a significant historical artifact, as it provides evidence of the wealth and sophistication of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom during the reign of Eucratides I.