Perseus Freeing Andromeda by Piero di Cosimo

"Perseus Freeing Andromeda" is a painting by Italian Renaissance artist Piero di Cosimo

Perseus Freeing Andromeda by Italian painter Piero di Cosimo (c. 1515)

Also known as Liberation of Andromeda, “Perseus Freeing Andromeda” is a painting created by Piero di Cosimo, the Italian painter of the Renaissance. Created around 1515, the painting depicts the scene from Greek mythology where Greek hero and demigod Perseus rescues Andromeda from a sea monster.

In the painting, Andromeda is depicted as a beautiful young woman, chained to a rock on the coast. The sea monster is shown emerging from the water, while Perseus, wearing his winged sandals and holding his sword, swoops down from the sky to save her. The scene is set against a rocky landscape with trees, and the figures are surrounded by onlookers, including soldiers and peasants.

Piero di Cosimo’s painting is known for its intricate details and vivid colors, as well as the artist’s imaginative interpretation of the mythological scene.

This Renaissance masterpiece was inspired by the story from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”. The painting explores themes such as platonic love, family ties, ideal beauty, marriage, and natural beauty.

Notably, it features portraits of prominent figures from Florence’s elite upper ruling class, including members of the powerful Medici family.

As of 2023, the painting is housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.