Portrait of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz by Johann Georg Ziesenis

George III's Wife - Queen Charlotte

Princess Charlotte by Johann Georg Ziesenis, c. 1761

Painted around 1761, this portrait of Princess Charlotte (1744-1818), later Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland, was by Johann Georg Ziesenis (1716-1776), a German-Danish painter who specialized in portraiture. Ziesenis was active in the mid-18th century and painted many portraits of members of European royal families.

Princess Charlotte was the daughter of the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and was married to George III of England in 1761.

The portrait by Ziesenis shows Princess Charlotte as a young woman wearing an elegant white gown and holding a flower in her hand. The princess can be seen picking the flower from an offering of flowers presented to her by her black servant. Ziesenis’ painting is characterized by its attention to detail and the delicate portrayal of the princess’s facial features.

Ziesenis was known for his ability to capture the likeness of his subjects, and his portraits were highly prized by European royalty and aristocracy. The Portrait of Princess Charlotte is a fine example of his work, and it remains a testament to the elegance and refinement of 18th-century portraiture.

Did you know?

Having being married to King George III from 8 September 1761 until her death in 1818, Charlotte was Britain’s longest-serving queen consort, serving for 57 years and 70 days.