Raised right foot of the Statue of Liberty

Raised right foot of Lady Liberty

The raised right foot of the Statue of Liberty has long been a subject of curiosity and interpretation. Some people believe that the raised foot is a symbol of progress and forward motion, while others see it as a symbol of the United States’ readiness to defend its principles and protect its citizens.

However, the true meaning of the raised right foot is somewhat less symbolic than these interpretations suggest. The statue was actually designed with a broken chain at its feet, which symbolizes the abolition of slavery (in 1865) and the end of oppression. The raised right foot was simply a practical necessity, as the statue is designed to be viewed from a distance and needed to be balanced in order to remain stable. The statue’s sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, used the raised foot to help balance the statue and ensure that it remained upright in strong winds.

While the raised right foot of the Statue of Liberty may not have the deep symbolic meaning that many people have attributed to it, the statue as a whole remains a powerful symbol of freedom, democracy, and the pursuit of a better life.