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Sun Tzu, esteemed in Chinese and the broader East Asian culture, was a notable military general, strategist, philosopher, and author presumed to have lived during the Eastern Zhou period, 771 to 256 BC.

He is conventionally attributed with penning “The Art of War,” a pivotal military strategy work that has deeply influenced military thought and philosophy in both Western and East Asian spheres.

Born Sun Wu, he was also known by his courtesy name, Changqing, while “Sun Tzu” is an honorific translating to “Master Sun.”

The actual existence of Sun Tzu is a subject of scholarly debate. Traditional Chinese records depict him as a minister to King Helü of Wu and propose his lifetime to be 544–496 BC.

Nevertheless, scholars who acknowledge his existence ascribe “The Art of War” to the subsequent Warring States period of 475 to 221 BC.

It’s also posited that Sun Bin, a descendant of Sun Tzu, authored a similarly titled treatise on military tactics, leading to historical conjecture regarding their identity until the unearthing of Sun Bin’s treatise in 1972.

Sun Tzu’s masterpiece has received extensive acknowledgment and application in East Asian military annals and has earned international acclaim, especially in the twentieth century.

“The Art of War” continues to wield substantial influence across diverse disciplines like military strategy, politics, business, sports, and culture in today’s world.

Sun Tzu – History and Major Accomplishments

A Chinese military general, strategist, philosopher, and writer, Sun Tzu credited with writing the book “The Art of War”, an ancient Chinese military treatise that has influenced military thinking across...