The Harriet Tubman Memorial in Boston

The Harriet Tubman Memorial, also known as the “Step on Board” monument, is located in the South End neighborhood of Boston. It is a tribute to Harriet Tubman, the most well-known conductor on the Underground Railroad, who led many enslaved people to freedom.

Created by sculptor Fern Cunningham, the memorial was unveiled in 1999. The bronze statue depicts Tubman leading a group of people, symbolizing her leadership in guiding countless individuals out of slavery. It’s a powerful reminder of her bravery and dedication to the abolitionist cause. The monument serves not just to honor Tubman, but also to educate the public about her incredible contributions to American history.

It is one of the few monuments across the U.S. dedicated to a woman of color, and it is an essential stop for those looking to understand the deep roots and impacts of African American history in Boston and the nation at large.