10 Amazing Facts about Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr, U.S. Vice President between 1801-1805.

Aaron Burr (1756 – 1836) was a U. S. politician who became the country’s 3rd Vice President, serving during the first term of President Thomas Jefferson (from 1801 to 1805). Burr was a well-known soldier and a murderer of a popular statesman, Alexander Hamilton.

The following are 10 amazing facts about Aaron Burr:

Graduated from Princeton at a Young Age

As early as 16-years-old, brilliant Aaron Burr graduated from Princeton University with excellent results. He enrolled there while he was 13; this wasn’t surprising, given the fact that his dad occupied a top position in the university.

American Revolution with Benedict Arnold

During his time with the U.S. Continental Army, Benedict Arnold (the traitor) led his men on a long trek to invade Quebec in 1775. Aaron Burr was part of the squad who returned alive. He was praised by Colonel Benedict for his endurance in the war.

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He Deferred His Law Study to Fight in the Revolutionary War

At the age of 19, upon hearing that revolutionary battles were being fought at Lexington & Concord, he put his studies aside and joined the war.

Ensured the Statehood of Tennessee

In 1791, with support from George Clinton, Burr became a New York Senator. In that position, he was very instrumental in voting to ensure that Tennessee was absorbed as a U.S state. Tennessee officially gained its Statehood on 1st June 1796.

He Was an Accomplished Lawyer

In 1777, Burr resigned from the army and went for a law degree. In 1782, he was officially called to the bar. He was appointed New York Attorney General in 1789.

He Lost a Presidential Race

Aaron Burr joined the 1800 presidential contest after he lost his senatorial seat. His contender was Thomas Jefferson. The two candidates secured equal Electoral College votes. When the decision went to the House of Representatives, Alexander Hamilton backed Jefferson to defeat Burr. Burr was made vice president; however, his relationship with Hamilton became bitter.

He Gunned Down Alexander Hamilton in a Duel

Hamilton was a political opponent of Aaron Burr. In 1804, Hamilton campaigned against the nomination of Burr for a governorship position. Feeling marginalized, Aaron challenged Hamilton to a gunfight. In the end, Burr fatally shot down Hamilton.

He May have Committed Treason

While he was still the U.S Veep during 1805, there was enough evidence that Burr plotted to use military means to fight and take control of some southern states, so that he would rule them as president. For committing an act of treason, Burr was put before a court. Interestingly, the presiding judges acquitted him.

He Married a Rich Widow

In 1833, Aaron Burr as old as 77-years got married to a wealthy widow by the name Elizabeth Brown. He used less than a year to squander away the wealth of the “poor” widow. Their relationship lasted shortly for 4 months. The widow called for divorce, accusing Burr of being unfaithful.

He Suffered from Stroke

In 1834, Burr was brought down by stroke. The disease hampered his ability to move. Two years later, in 1836, Burr passed away at the age of 80.

Aaron Burr quotes

Aaron Burr Quotes

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