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Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States, serving two terms from 1981 to 1989. Before his presidency, he was the 33rd Governor of California and a film actor.

This FAQ provides a concise overview of Ronald Reagan, touching upon the most common questions surrounding his life, career, and legacy.

When and where was he born?

He was born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois.

Before politics, what was Reagan’s profession?

Reagan was a Hollywood actor and union leader before he ventured into politics. He acted in over 50 films and was the president of the Screen Actors Guild.

How did he start his political career?

Reagan’s political career began in California. Initially a Democrat, he became a Republican and was elected the Governor of California in 1966. He served two terms as governor.

What are the significant policies and events during his presidency?

Reagan is best known for “Reaganomics,” his supply-side economic policies which included tax cuts and deregulation. His administration also saw a significant increase in defense spending, the ending of the Cold War, the Iran-Contra affair, and the initiation of the War on Drugs.

How did he approach the Cold War?

Reagan adopted a hard stance against the Soviet Union, labeling it the “Evil Empire.” He increased defense spending and launched the Strategic Defense Initiative. His negotiations with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev led to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, contributing to the end of the Cold War.

Did Reagan face assassination attempts?

Yes. On March 30, 1981, just 69 days into his presidency, Reagan was shot by John Hinckley Jr. outside a Washington, D.C. hotel. Reagan survived the attempt on his life and later quipped about it, showcasing his resilience and humor.

What were the controversies during his tenure?

The most notable controversy was the Iran-Contra affair, where senior officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, with the hope of funding the Contras in Nicaragua.

What happened after his presidency?

After leaving office in 1989, Reagan retired to his home in Los Angeles, California. In 1994, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He passed away on June 5, 2004.

What is Reagan’s legacy?

Reagan’s legacy is multifaceted. While many credit him with restoring American confidence and pride after the tumultuous 1970s, others critique his economic policies for increasing national debt and income inequality. Internationally, he is often lauded for his role in ending the Cold War.

Was Ronald Reagan married?

Yes. Ronald Reagan was initially married to actress Jane Wyman from 1940 to 1949. He then married Nancy Davis in 1952, who later became the First Lady when he was elected president. The couple remained married until his death.

How did Reagan pass away?

Ronald Reagan died on June 5, 2004, at his home in Bel Air, California, from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. He was 93 years old.