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Yuri Gagarin was a Soviet cosmonaut and the first human to travel into space and orbit the Earth aboard Vostok 1 on April 12, 1961.

Gagarin’s flight into space was not just a monumental achievement for the Soviet Union but also a landmark moment for humanity, marking our first steps beyond our home planet.

World History Edu present 9 of the internet’s most asked questions about the Soviet cosmonaut:

  1. Why is Yuri Gagarin famous?
    • Gagarin is internationally renowned as the first person in space, making a monumental achievement in the Space Race between the U.S. and the USSR.
  2. Where was Gagarin born?
    • He was born in the village of Klushino, near Gzhatsk (now renamed Gagarin), in the Smolensk Oblast of Russia.
  3. How was Gagarin selected for the historic spaceflight?
    • Gagarin was chosen from a group of potential cosmonauts because of his exceptional skills, composure, and compact physical stature (ideal for the small Vostok cockpit).
  4. How long was Gagarin’s journey in space?
    • The entire flight aboard Vostok 1 lasted 108 minutes, with a single orbit around the Earth.
  5. What honors did Gagarin receive after his flight?
    • Gagarin was celebrated as a national hero in the Soviet Union and received various awards, including the title Hero of the Soviet Union. He was also honored worldwide.
  6. How did Gagarin’s life change after the flight?
    • Due to his immense fame and the risks associated with spaceflight, Soviet officials wanted to protect him from any future space missions. He became a global ambassador for Soviet space achievements and trained other cosmonauts.
  7. Did Gagarin go to space again after his historic flight?
    • No, he never returned to space after his pioneering journey aboard Vostok 1.
  8. How did Yuri Gagarin die?
    • Gagarin died in a tragic jet training accident on March 27, 1968. He was piloting a MiG-15 aircraft when it crashed near the town of Kirzhach.
  9. How is Yuri Gagarin remembered today?
  • Gagarin remains an iconic figure in space exploration history. Monuments, streets, and institutions are named in his honor worldwide. Additionally, “Yuri’s Night” is an annual celebration held on April 12th to commemorate his flight and celebrate human spaceflight.