12 Major Achievements of Pharaoh Ahmose I

Interesting Facts about Pharaoh Ahmose I

Achievements of Ahmose I

Ahmose’s strong devotion to the traditional gods in the Egyptian pantheon was the reason why he put a significant portion of the kingdom’s resources into religious arts and buildings. He even revived construction projects that had been abandoned by previous dynasties.

It’s been said that he used better materials than the kind his predecessors used. His dominion over mining regions in Nubia and the Nile delta meant that he could source the best materials and decorations for his works. For example, gold and silver came from Nubia. Lapis – a semi-precious stone –was obtained through his trade relations with regions in central Asia, the Sinai and Byblos.

The grand scale of his building projects meant that he did not live long enough to see them completed. Ahmose I had about seven years as king of Egypt following the expulsion of the Hyksos. This meant that some of the construction works that he started had to be completed by his son and heir Amenhotep I.

He got the stones that he needed for his colossal projects from the Tura limestone quarries that he re-opened upon the re-unification of Egypt. The quarries were found between present day Cairo and Helwan. Cattle from Phoenicia were then deployed to transport those stone to the various project sites along the Nile.

Family tree

Family tree of Ahmose I of ancient Egypt

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