10 Greatest Princesses of All Time

In the past, the princes were the ones who typically inherited and hogged all the glories of their kingdoms. The princesses on the other hand where left to play second fiddle to the  princes. In spite of this phenomenon, history has given us a select few of absolutely phenomenal princesses who refused settling into the stereotypical roles of a princess.  These rare princesses had a natural aura in the way they carried themselves in public. They oozed out confidence upon confidence that was perfectly complemented by their immense beauty and magnificent brains.

Here is our pick of the 10 greatest princesses of all time.


Princess Pinyang

Princess Pingyang

Pingyang was the daughter of Chinese Emperor Gaozu. Also known as Zhao, Princes Pingyag  was an extremely brave woman who defended her father at a time he needed her most. She was born in 598 AD. Emperor Gaozu staged a revolt against the Sui Dynasty. To avoid a possible capture, Princess Pingyang and her husband fled for their lives; they went in opposite directions. She later came back and sold her belongings and bought military hardware. Exuding a great deal of confidence, Pingyang amassed an army of more than 70,000 soldiers. She succeeded in reuniting with her father to defeat the Sui Dynasty. She did all that at a young age of 20 years.

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Ameera Al-Taweel

Princess Ameera Al-Taweel

She was a beautiful Saudi Arabian princess who met her fortune when she granted an interview with the Prince of Saudi Arabia (Alwaleed Bin Talal). Their interview later progressed into a romantic relationship that later to a marriage after nine months. Ameera used her royal position to campaign for female rights in her country. Ameera worked closely with her husband and other organizations to fight for equal rights for women in the Middle East. Her country had gained notoriety for holding discriminatory rights against women.


Princess Grace Kelly

Princess Grace Kelly

She was a Philadelphia-born actress who got married to the Prince of Monaco, Rainier III. She also became famous in the 1950s for her roles in movies such as the “County Girl” and to “Catch a Thief”. As a film star, she got an opportunity to meet the Prince at a photo-shooting session. Years later, the two got married and gave birth to three children. She quit her acting career and embarked on several philanthropic activities. Grace founded a charity organization called AMADE and changed lots of lives all over the world. She later died of stroke but her works and contributions to humanity lives on.


Princess Nefertiti

Princess Nefertiti

Her name signifies that a beautiful one has come. As at the age of 15, Nefertiti had become the wife of the Egyptian pharaoh, Amenhotep IV. Her reign started in 1353 BC. Aside her magnificent looks, Nefertiti worked with her husband to establish the Aten Cult. This made it mandatory for all Egyptians to worship only the sun god Aten, irrespective of the many ancient Egyptian deities. Her husband loved her more than anything in the world. Her excellent demeanor made her become a co-regent of the main pharaoh. Nefertiti could even wear the crown of pharaoh. Some experts believe that her near equality with the king might have been the reasons for the disappearance of her artworks in Egypt. The Egyptians considered Nefertiti and Amenhotep as heretics for worshiping only one god, Aten.


Lady Diana

Princess Diana Spencer

Ask anyone who lived in the later part of the 20th century of Diana Spencer and he or she will have not only one but a dozen kind words about Diana Spencer.  Diana Spencer had it all. From elegance to public appearance and intelligence, this future Princess of Wales was the apple of UK’s heart.

In 1981, she got married to Prince Charles (first son and heir to Queen Elizabeth II) and became a world acclaimed princess. Diana used her royal influence to create HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns all through out the world, particularly in Africa.

She was like a mother to the homeless and disadvantaged children. Even though, she was a royal, Diana was down-to earth. She fought against the usage of landmines in wars. The former Princess divorced Prince Charles in 1996 but died in an accident a year later. Although her marriage with the Prince of Wales was fraught with some difficulties, Diana’s reputation among the British public was always excellent. Those who knew her personally often described her as an amazing and a wonderful person to be around. Her memories and works will forever live on in the minds of countless people around the world.

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Princess Catherine

Princess Catherine of Aragon

She was the daughter of the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. She later became more famous when she got married to the King of England, Henry VIII. At that time, she was still a teenager. Her marriage with the king became rocky when she couldn’t bring forth an heir to the throne. King Henry started a new relationship with Anne Boleyn. Catherine resisted vehemently to step down as queen. Eventually, she was forced out of the palace. The world still remembers Catherine because of her struggles to remain as queen. She was among the six unfortunate wives of King Henry VIII.

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Princess Rania

Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Rania is an intellectual woman who has a degree in Business Administration. Her resume even contains a history of work experience at Apple Inc. She is married to  King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein of Jordan. When her husband ascended to the throne in 1999, she was made a queen.

She wrote four books and worked a lot to support education in the Middle East and beyond. Rania believed in the welfare of children and multi-cultural understanding. Rania has tapped into the power of digital technology to actively pursue creative ventures in women’s rights and economic empowerment. She is also very active on her various social media accounts that inspire large sections of young women to seize the moment and realize their full potential.


Princess Anne

Princess Anne

Anne Elizabeth Alice is the only daughter of Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) and Queen Elizabeth II. When it comes to charity, the Princess Royal is a champion. Anne is a member of over 200 reputable organizations working for the betterment of humanity. She is a skilled horse rider (an equestrian). Ann represented Britain during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada. Also, she has received an array of awards for her sport talents. She is currently the 7th holder of the title, Princess Royal. Anne has two children with her ex-husband, Mark Philips.

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Princess Meerabai

Princess Meerabai

Meerabai was a Princess of Rajasthan (an Indian state). Born in 1498, Meerabai, or Meera had a charming beauty. She shared a strong connection to the Hindus deity Krishna. While still a teenager, Meera’s in-laws showed strong disapproval when she married the ruler of Chittor. Her husband died prematurely after their wedding. Meera gathered courage and remained devoted to the deity. She would leave her home at night to go and dance in the streets with ordinary people. Her in-laws attempted to kill her and described her behavior as unfeminine. Fortunately, she got protection from her deity and survived all the assassination attempts on her life.


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate (Catherine) Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge. She is the wife of Prince William – Duke of Cambridge. Kate is a woman of excellence who focuses a lot on charity works directed towards children. She has encouraged people with mental health problems to open up about their troubles. Catherine’s sense of fashion has impacted Americans and the British. Time Magazine named her as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World (2012 & 2013).  The world is proud of the three children of the royals: Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

So there you have it, the 10 greatest princesses of all time. Curious to know more about the British monarchy? Then check out our plethora of articles about Queen Victoria, the second longest reigning monarch in British history.

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