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Throughout history, many princesses have left indelible marks, whether through their roles in politics, their marriages, their personal stories, or the myths and legends that have grown around them.

Here are some of the most famous princesses of all time:

Princess Diana of Wales

Known for her humanitarian work, her fashion sense, and her tragic early death, Diana remains one of the most beloved figures in recent memory.

Cleopatra VII of Egypt

The last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, she had relationships with both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony and is often remembered for her beauty and intelligence.

Anne Boleyn of England

The second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I, her marriage set the stage for the English Reformation.


A Native American princess, she played a key role in the early days of the English settlement in America and is a popular figure in American folklore.

Queen Isabella of Castile

Although a queen, she was also a princess in her earlier life. She, alongside her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon, funded Christopher Columbus’s expedition.

Marie Antoinette of Austria

Married to King Louis XVI of France, she became a symbol of the excesses of the French aristocracy leading up to the French Revolution.

Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly)

A Hollywood actress who became a real-life princess upon her marriage to Prince Rainier III.

Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria

A Bavarian princess who became the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. She was known for her beauty, free spirit, and tragic life.

Princess Margaret of England

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, she was known for her glamorous and controversial lifestyle.

Sheikha Mozah of Qatar

A modern-day princess (more precisely, one of the wives of the former Emir of Qatar) who has become an influential figure in education and women’s rights in the Middle East.

Princess Diana Timeline

Remembered for her unrivaled devotion to several humanitarian causes across the world, Princess Diana (born Diana Frances Spencer) captured the hearts of millions of people throughout the last few decades...