Princess Diana Timeline

Princess Diana timeline

Remembered for her unrivaled devotion to several humanitarian causes across the world, Princess Diana (born Diana Frances Spencer) captured the hearts of millions of people throughout the last few decades of the 20th century. And even after her tragic death in 1997, her legacy remains firm not just in the UK but across the globe. In this article, delves into the major events that transpired in the life of Princess Diana – a humanitarian revered as the queen of people’s hearts.

July 1, 1961 – Born Diana Frances Spencer to parents John Spencer (the 8th Earl Spencer) and Frances Ruth Roche

1967 – Separation of her parents.

1969 – Divorce proceedings of her parents are finalized; Diana is placed in the custody of her father

1969 – Diana’s mother gets married to Peter Shand Kydd

1970 – Begins studies at Riddlesworth Hall School in Norfolk

1973 – Admitted to an all-girls school called West Heath Girls’ School

1975 – Following the death of her grandfather, Diana is bestowed upon the title of Lady as her father becomes the 8th Earl of Spencer

1976 – Her father marries Raine McCorquodale, also known as Lady Dartmouth – a local politician

1977 – Diana and Prince Charles (now King Charles III) meet

1980 – Prince Charles invites Diana to a family event

1981 – Charles’ father, Prince Philip, urges Prince Charles to tie the knot with Diana

1981 – On February 24, Diana and Charles, 32, announce to the public that they intend getting married

July 29, 1981 – Diana and Charles get married at St. Paul’s Cathedral; the spectacular ceremony was attended by close to 3,000 guests.

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Princess Diana

Princess Diana timeline | Princess Diana and Prince Charles

November 5, 1981 – Diana announces that she is pregnant with her first child

June 21, 1982: Prince William, Diana and Charles’ first son, is born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London

March 1983 – Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand

September 15, 1984 – The birth of Prince Harry – the couple’s second child

June 1991 – Diana is troubled by Prince William’s head injury; she stays beside her son for days after his surgery

March 29, 1992 – Diana’s father – John Spence – suffers a heart attack and passes away in London

August 20, 1991 – Diana visits her friend Adrian Ward-Jackson, who was suffering from AIDS

February 1992 – Meeting with Mother Teresa in Rome, Italy

May 1992Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words is published by journalist Andrew Morton

August 1992 – Diana and Prince Charles’ separation is announced to the nation by Prime Minister John Major

December, 1993 – Retires from public life

1995 – Diana and Dr. Hasnat Khan – a cardiac surgeon – become friends; they later enter into a relationship

November 20, 1995 – In an interview with Panorama, Diana lays it all out to the public about her fight with bulimia, depression and the pressure associated with being in the royal family

August 1996 – Diana and Charles finalize their divorce; the court awards her a settlement to the tune of $22.5 million and a yearly stipends of $600,000 to maintain her staff and other miscellaneous expenses

January, 1997 – Embarks on one of her charity projects which sees her support efforts to clear explosive mines dropped during the civil war in Angola

August 30, 1997 – Diana is involved in a horrific motor accident in Paris, France; her companion, Dodi Fayed, and his driver Henri Paul die on the spot as Diana is rushed to the nearest hospital (PItié-St. Salpêtrière Hospital)

August 31, 1997: The world receives news of the tragic death of Lady Diana, 36, after she succumbs to the injuries she sustained in the car crash

September 1, 1997 – Diana’s remains are brought to the UK by Charles and Diana’s sisters – Sarah and Jane

September 6, 1997 – The funeral ceremony of Lady Diana, also known as the “people’s princess”,  is held at Westminster Abbey; her remains were buried at the Spencer family estate in Althorp, England

Princess Diana timeline

Princess Diana’s funeral on September 6, 1997

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